Anne John


The act of creating provides a narrative opportunity in defining my responses to the human condition of life.  My work emerges through the eyes of a feminist, because I am, after all a female.  My ideas are drawn from contemporary events where philosophies and religion often clash.  I paint and sculpt directly from the human figure, sometimes allegorically, sometimes in a modern setting, but always with a psychic grounding beneath everyday interactions.  

Several themes interweave within my work.  The feminist thread appears in renditions of a contemporary Eve shouldering the burdens implied by the symbolic apple. I credit her for bringing us knowledge, freedom of thought and empowerment.  I harbor no resentment towards men.  They are seen depicted with their own set of challenges in a changing world.  Together I see men and women as the stewards of a fragile planet.  My depictions of birds and animals represent our connection as well as a responsibility to protect a complicated world.  

I am deeply rooted in the Pacific northwest, where my palette swings with a moody climate.  My technique involves surfaces of mixed media, collage, and a layering of oil glazes.  I find myself pulling figures from the canvas as though they are emerging from another dimension.  As I paint, I acknowledge both the fragility and the strength of life.  I see the tug and pull between men and women.  I recognize, unequivocally, that life is to be celebrated.

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Kathi Rick

Born and raised in Seattle Washington I have been holding a pencil to a blank piece of paper ever since I can remember. I lived in Europe when I was 9 and 10 years old and went to every art museum I could wangle my parents into taking me to. Stand outs were the plaster death body casts of Pompeii and the black paintings of Francesco Goya at the Prado gallery in Madrid Spain, both of which have influenced my own art making and what I think the power of art and the link between life death and art can and should be forever after...

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Cynthia Heise

A Minnesotan looking for the right images to fill the graphic novel that is her life. 2D and 3D with a sense of humor and bright colors.