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FOR THE October 2018 EXHIBITION Politiks: the Art of Deception

Call for Artists – October 5-27 2018 – Politiks: the Art of Deception

The CAVE Art Gallery seeks your submissions for "Politiks: the Art of Deception," an exhibition that runs Oct. 5-27. There is a $15 submission fee (maximum two). All political art submitted will be displayed for this unusual exhibition. This is your opportunity to let your opinions be heard before election day. All art for submission should be brought to 108 E Evergreen Blvd., Vancouver between 10am-- 4pm October 2.  2D work needs to be wired and ready to be hung. Submitted art that does not relate to politics, or that the gallery determines to be racist, mysogynistic or of similar theme in nature will not be shown. 

Fake News or Alternative Facts?  Friendships injured or ended? We live in dissatisfying times. What is your point of view because all views are welcome and encouraged. Gun violence or gun rights? Political correctness or a decay in American values? What does race have to do with it, or country of origin or how long your ancestors have lived in this place. Do you believe clean water and air should be guaranteed? How about healthcare, employment, safety in your community and place of worship or safety from somebody else' place of worship. Do you lean Right or Left or do you just want a place to put your head in the sand until this whole thing blows over? Express yourself!

Payment for submission of up to two pieces must be submitted when the artwork is dropped off at the gallery on October 2 at 108 E Evergreen Blvd, Vancouver, WA 98660.