November 2019: Clark County Open Studios Preview

Clark County Open Studios is a free self-guided tour where the public is invited to visit up to 50 local artists in their studios during the first weekend in November. Join us on First Friday, November 1st from 5-9pm to get an advance look at the work of each artist. You’ll be able to meet the artists, pick up a guidebook, and plan your personalized tour to see the studios of your choice. Learn more about the tour at


December 2019: Surface Design Association (SDA) Vancouver

The Surface Design Association is a national organization dedicated to promoting awareness and appreciation of textile-inspired art and design. The Vancouver Regional Group formed in 2016 and has been meeting bi-monthly ever since to share, inspire and grow an appreciation for surface design and textiles. Members showing this December include Mary Arnold, Bonnie Bucknam, Maris Cavanagh, Donna Joslyn, Sally Sellers, Sharon Svec and Mary Murphy Wolfe. Please join us for an artists reception on First Friday, December 4th from 5-9pm.


October 2019: Interconnected, interwoven, interactive with Pamela Chipman and Jill Falk

Transcend your reality for a moment and visit the works of Pamela Chipman and Jill Falk this October at Art at the Cave. Join us for an artist reception October 4th from 4-9. Chipman’s interactive video installation, photographs and video address sexism and gender inequality, while Falk’s paintings reveal patterns and tendencies of perception that exist both within and beyond the present moment.

Utilizing multiple mediums, Chipman’s work explores personal identity and human interconnectivity to express inner states of awareness and isolation. Interweaving imagery with language, movement and sound, Inner Voices contemplates the body/mind/spirit connection and specifically how language builds, shapes and dictates memory and our sense of self. Join us on Saturday, October 12th at 11am for an artist talk with Pamela Chipman.

Falk’s multilayered paintings and digital photography explore the interconnectivity of seemingly unconnected subject matter. Using fragments, such as old family photos and film stills, she re-interprets and reshapes them into something new and interwoven in unexpected ways. Join us on Saturday, October 19th at 11am to hear more from Falk about her work.


September 2019: Jamila Clarke, Gretchen Gammell, Kurtis Hough and Ceramics by PCC-Rock Creek

This September brings a bevy of talent to Art At The Cave in downtown Vancouver, WA including photography by Jamila Clarke, paintings by Gretchen Gammell, video work by Kurtis Hough and ceramics from the 32 x 32 show at PCC Rock Creek. Please join us for an opening reception from 6-9pm on Sept. 6th, and an artist talk Saturday, Sept, 14th from 11am-12. The work will remain on display thru September 28th.

Storytelling is a common thread through the photography of Jamila Clark and paintings of Gretchen Gammell, whose works are displayed in the front gallery of Art at the Cave. Kurtis Hough’s high definition video in the black box titled “Too See More Light” explores dreams, and patterns found in nature. In the upper gallery, students and staff from PCC-Rock Creek exhibit their 32 x 32 Show; a daring challenge where the final piece must weigh 32lbs and have a 32” dimension.


Artist Statements

Jamila Clarke - Short stories and folktales heavily inspire my work. These stories are brief, open-ended and yet they can weave complex tales by using the viewer to fill in the pieces – inviting them to provide their own answers. As a photographer with a background in psychology and theatre, I find myself drawn to these compelling stories; how they allow the viewer to explore the world of the character - putting themselves into their shoes. Each photo is a brief glimpse at a story already in progress – neither at its beginning nor its end. Some of these stories are fictional and some are inspired by real occurrences, emotions and thoughts, altered and exaggerated to become something far more surreal or hyper real.

Each photograph is approached as if producing a short film – locations are scouted, costumes and props are created and gathered, actors are cast. I use my camera to bring these stories to life, combining the seen and unseen through digital post-processing to stretch the truth to explore things that are experienced internally and usually unseen.

Gretchen Gammell - A couple decades of painting behind me and these days I find I know less about the work I make than my younger self claimed. She was so young, it was just too soon to tell.

I have been illustrating my life for as long as I can remember. Consistently I trust the term narrative to describe the context of my paintings. And while I often play lead role as I catalogue my own history, like every main character I can not predict where this is all headed, nor can I see the broader storyline as I navigate it in real time.

What interests me is not what the work is about, but how it got there to begin with. While I do so love that ease of tension in the back of my throat when I bring a piece to completion, that’s simply because I like to tidy things up along the way. The real power of painting for me is in the physical labor of narrowing down my ever-changing perspective into what ultimately becomes a flat, smooth, simplistic two-dimensional story.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, my paintings are the novel I’m still writing. And let me tell you, it is at least 1500 pages, heavy in footnotes, part two of a trilogy, prequel on record, sequel yet to come, and most definitely starts with this dedication: Hey mom, thank you for telling my kindergarten teacher to stop tearing up my drawings just because I wasn’t following directions.

Kurtis Hough - Artist exploring dreams and patterns found in nature. With a patent eye, Hough examines landscapes and organisms with timealapse photography and digital cunning, building rich worlds that surprise. With subjects ranging from slugs, lava, glaciers, to slime mold, each display a deliberate focus on rhythms found throughout the natural world. His 25 short films have gained over 175 screenings in theaters, film festivals, art galleries, and television, along with over a million viewers online.

PCC Rock Creek – Cheryl Cardarelli, Michael Robinson, Peter Irving, Pam Winklesky, Carol Schallberger, Thomas Kohler, Jasmine Kwatra, Sue Svoboda, Janice Fisher, Rodger Beretbitsky, Brad McLemore, Donna Cole, Kathryn Kleine, Marcia Bianchi, Maddie Duyck

 August 2019: Pepe Hidalgo, Jason Litts, Jesse Reno

We’ve invited Pepe Hidalgo, Jason Litts and Jesse Reno to exhibit their works this August At The Cave. Click on the images below to learn more about each artist. Please join us for an opening reception on First Friday, August 2nd from 6-9pm and an Artist Talk with Jason and Jesse on Saturday, August 10th at 11am. The works will be on display thru August 30th.

JULY 2019 - SARAH DILLON and Samyak Yamauchi

“The Hearing” by Sarah Dillon

“The Hearing” by Sarah Dillon

Sarah Dillon: Where We Are

Sarah’s exhibit, Where We Are encourages self-reflection in life around us in effort to define or question the truth. Place, as a multifaceted sensibility, can function as a catalyst for art-making that delves into the depths of self-reflection, social analysis, international issues, politics and history, and offers up an excellent conceptual basis for creativity as well as human interaction. It functions as the backbone of Sarah’s work as she contemplates time, narrative, change and ultimately explores what it is to be where we are.

“Race Against Time” by Samyak Yamauchi

“Race Against Time” by Samyak Yamauchi

Samyak Yamauchi:
From Japanese Hair to Sword Ferns

Sam is a mostly self-taught painter who came to painting in 2013 after many years of working with glass mosaics. She is inspired by color and the deeply soulful, discovery process of being in the moment with the materials and the imagery as it arises. Her approach is part contemplation and intention, part intuition and imagination, and a whole lot of playing around until she knows it’s “right.”

Her exhibit, From Japanese Hair To Sword Ferns is a story in ten paintings. It’s a lifetime of experiences about identity and the search for something that can’t be found, because it isn’t hiding. It’s about Sam’s personal story, which is a Universal story, of searching for and not-finding but realizing, and then losing yourself, right where you are. It’s a story about Japanese hair, an imaginary race against time, discoveries and sword ferns.

JUNE 2019 - Mar Goman and M. Acuff

 This June, Art at the CAVE welcomes the artwork of Mar Goman and M. Acuff, as well as a Brizbomb video installation by Matt Brislawn. Goman’s work often references the interior journey, invisible wounds, common humanity, and the process of becoming authentic spiritual human beings. Acuff is greatly focused on the aesthetic, ecologic, and material that define the period in human/geologic history now known as the Anthropocene. Join us June 7th from 6-9pm for an opening reception and opportunity to meet the artists. Matt's work uses all analog technology to compose electronic music and video. On Saturday June 8th, join us in the gallery at 11:00 for an informal artist talk with Mar and M. The exhibit ends on June 28th. There is no cost to attend the events or gallery.


Mar Goman

From childhood, I have loved to make things with my hands, and this is my primary art activity–simply making things. I work in a wide variety of media and materials, including drawing and painting, sculpture and assemblage, collage, book arts, embroidery, and fiber constructions. Along with traditional art materials, I use sticks and stones, buttons and bones, rusty metal, old bottles, vintage fabrics and papers, old books, and whatever else I can scavenge.

I cut and paste, stitch, draw, paint, stamp, collect, assemble, bind, wrap, nail, drill and carve. My pieces are usually small in scale and done in series. My work is often about the interior journey, our invisible wounds, our common humanity, and the process of becoming authentic spiritual human beings. I have had the usual art education and have shown around the Northwest and occasionally beyond for the past thirty years. Making art is one of the things that gives my life meaning. Visit Mar’s website at


M. Acuff

M. Acuff hails from the Midwest where they received their B.A. in Art from Augustana College, and their M.A. and M.F.A. in Sculpture and Intermedia from The University of Iowa. Acuff’s artistic practice ranges from object making to installation to video and performance, and addresses the tangled web of relations—aesthetic, ecologic, and material—that define the period in human/geologic history now known as the Anthropocene. In recent years Acuff has exhibited their work nationally in group and solo exhibitions across the country at venues such as CARNATION CONTEMMPORARY, 3S Artspace, the Jundt Museum, White Box, The Urban Institute for Contemporary Art, Woman Made Gallery, AIR Gallery, and the Attleboro Museum of Art. Acuff has been the recipient of an Artist Trust GAP Grant, a Mississippi Arts Commission Individual Artist Fellowship, and has been awarded fellowships at many artist residencies throughout the United States including Signal Fire, Djerassi, The Arctic Circle, Jentel, Ragdale, Virginia Center for the Creative Arts, Playa and Brush Creek. In 2012 they were a resident at the VCCA’s Moulin Au Nef program in Auvillar, France. Acuff is an Associate Professor of Art at Whitman College in Walla Walla, WA. Visit their website at

MAY 2019 - The Fantasmagorical Journeys of Rainbow Giraffe 

A long time contributor and friend of the CAVE, Cynthia Heise will be showing her work this May with an opening reception on the 3rd from 6-9pm. In her own words, “Rainbow Giraffe was born in the land of 10,000 lakes. It was also the land of 10,000 water sprites and 10,000 nightmares. Minnesota, of course, inspired escape. Thus began The Quest. Follow now a pictorial journey through the veils of time and some lesser bits of America. Follow now a journey right into the rosy present.”


April 2019 - Chuck Moffit: Subverting the imagined moment

Art At the CAVE welcomes Chuck Moffit to Vancouver, WA during a month long exhibit this April. A designer from Mount Baldy, California, Moffit’s works challenge conventional assumptions of gender, history and materials.

The exhibit kicks off with an opening reception, April 5th from 6-9pm. Then on April 10th at 4pm, we’re hosting an Open House as part of Design Week Portland. Moffit will conduct a demonstration followed by a talk and question/answer. There is no charge for attendance to the gallery or events.

MOFFIT-Zhinü Daybed Side Top.jpg

About the Artist

Chuck Moffit tears down masculine forms and rebuilds them. He works in a light-filled Modernist studio hidden behind a boulder in the woods of Mount Baldy, California.

Inspired in equal parts by the rugged tactility of artist Richard Serra and the transgressive purposefulness of fashion designer Hussein Chalayan, Moffit’s designs challenge conventional assumptions of gender, history, and materials.

Moffit's practice keenly rides the contemporary design and sculpture divide. His work has been in exhibitions throughout Los Angeles including: Hammer Museum, Christopher Grimes Gallery, Blackman Cruz, Eric Buterbaugh Gallery, and the Torrance Museum of Art. He has collaborated on site-specific installations for High Desert Test Sites, organized by artist Andrea Zittel.

Moffit received his MFA from Claremont Graduate University in 2000, and an Arts/Industry residency at the John Michael Kohler Arts Center in Wisconsin. His work has been celebrated in such publications as Architectural Digest and T Magazine.

Visit his website at

MARCH 2019 - Toby Town with Ryan Kelly

Visit the magnificent Toby Town this March at the CAVE. Ryan Kelly is an Assistant Professor of Ceramics and Foundations at Western Washington University. For this exhibit, Kelly puts his own spin on the decorative Toby Jug or face mug, and invites you to meet the various characters of Toby Town during a lighthearted jaunt into the marvelous world of Bric a brac. Join us for an opening reception March 1st from 6-9pm.

February 2019 - Aqueous

Dive into a deluge of aqueous themed art during our February exhibit Aqueous: a group show featuring artists Theresa Biagioli, Robert Bickel, Steve Eichenberger, Michael Smith, Alder Suttles, Anne John, kathi rick and Sharon Svec. The show runs February 1st thru 22nd, with an artist reception on February 1st from 6-9pm.

Bead artist Theresa Biagioli (“Koi” pictured above) was raised in the Pacific Northwest, and though she now lives in Virginia, she continues to draw inspiration from the natural environments of the West Coast. The bead work in her current exhibit was inspired by a visit to the Oregon Coast Aquarium in Newport where she encountered a tank full of delicate Sea Nettles— jellyfish characterized by a large bell and long, dangling tentacles. Theresa has also taken an interest in beading koi fish, exploring the variety of colors and intricate fin structures. Theresa’s bead weaving technique employs a variety of stitches to create a bead fabric. She alters the stitches to influence the rigidity and fluidity of the bead fabric to best match the needs for the bodies, fins and tentacles of her sealife creations. Other themes have focused on basket forms, vases, tea sets, flowers and traditional costumed characters.

Robert Bickel, was born in Seattle, WA and received an education in various locations including Mexico, Europe, Ecole d'Architecture Athenaeum, Lausanne, Switzerland, and the Southern California Institute of Architecture and 'SCI-Arc.' Bickel seeks beauty in the hidden geometries of points, lines and connections that permeate this vast, complex and pointless universe. -

Steve Eichenberger (“Who Will Stand With Me?” pictured above) is a full time artist with studios in the beautiful Willamette Valley of Oregon. His work is in about a dozen galleries and shops in Oregon, Washington, and California, as well as online. He enjoys combining various different media to create a fresh body of work. He perceives his “inner artist” as a separate, mysterious entity with boundless energy that wanders mostly hidden in the recesses of his mind, and regards him as simply the “meat person” to carry out its wishes…which is fine by him. -

Michael Smith is an artist and art educator currently residing in Vancouver, Washington. He received his Bachelors in Art Education and Graphic Communication from Eastern Washington University in 1996. Since then, he has focused his artistic energy on printmaking and oil painting, exploring emotional aspects of everyday life. 

Alder Suttles (“Untitled” pictured above) has shown her work in venues across the country. She received her bachelor of fine arts from Maryland Institute College of Art and her Masters degree from School of Visual Arts.

Anne John creates to provide a narrative opportunity in defining her responses to the human condition of life.  Her work emerges through the eyes of a feminist, and her ideas are drawn from contemporary events where philosophies and religion often clash.  She paints and sculpts directly from the human figure, sometimes allegorically, sometimes in a modern setting, but always with a psychic grounding beneath everyday interactions. -

kathi rick was born and raised in Seattle Washington, kathi has been holding a pencil to a blank piece of paper ever since she can remember. She lived in Europe when she was 9 and 10 years old and went to every art museum possible. Stand outs were the plaster death body casts of Pompeii and the black paintings of Francesco Goya at the Prado gallery in Madrid Spain, both of which have influenced her own art making and what she believes the power of art and the link between life death and art can and should be forever after... - kathi-rick.html

Sharon Svec moved to Vancouver, WA in 2008. She received her MFA in Professional Media Practice, and BFA in Visual Communication from Southern Illinois University at Carbondale. Her tapestry work has been exhibited locally and nationally since she started producing in 2014. She creates them through an original process of exposing images onto fabric, and layering with various stenciling techniques. Through these tapestries, Sharon expresses movement by the nature of the material, subject matter and method. Sharon’s tapestry process was born out of her experiences in graphic design, and of the printing and publishing industries; and is nurtured by a love of expression, nature, and universe. -

January 2019 - The Nature of Things

Art At the CAVE is pleased to present Erin Dengerink, Don Gray and Jason Mayer in January’s exhibit, The Nature of Things. Each artist explores landscape, objects, and figures in a poetic and thoughtful ways; seeking beauty and hope in a complicated world. The show will include Gray’s painting, monotypes by Mayer, and Dengerink’s paintings, sculptures, and an installation that incorporates a soundtrack by artist/drummer Melissa Gueiros. A limited edition book with images from each artist and an essay by Renee Marino will also be available. Please join us for an opening reception January 4th from 6-9pm.

Heart  Indigo on yupo, 14”x11” 2018

Indigo on yupo, 14”x11” 2018

Erin Dengerink

Erin is a multifaceted artist who works in painting, drawing and, sculpture. The process of carefully collecting and observing found objects is integral to her practice. Dengerink comes to know the landscape though the rocks brought home in her pockets. Small overlooked and discarded things inform her understanding of the world.  In addition to being a maker Dengerink is a curator and has organized exhibitions for over a decade. Her artwork has been seen in galleries and museums on the West Coast. —

Seeking Level #25  Oil over acrylic on board, 36”x 32” 2018

Seeking Level #25
Oil over acrylic on board, 36”x 32” 2018

Don Gray

Don’s art has tracked parallel courses, alternating between paintings that are firmly within the realist tradition and works that are less literal, leaning more toward the abstract.

Gray grew up in rural Oregon and started drawing and painting when very young. Inspiration came from looking at what was at hand: the beautiful landscape outside his door; the people and things that made up everyday life. Over time his creative directions expanded, but the sources remain the same. Gray has painted large murals all over the country, illustrated books, taught workshops and exhibited in galleries and museums. —

Meat up  Monoprint with etching ink, 16”x20” 2018

Meat up
Monoprint with etching ink, 16”x20” 2018

Jason Mayer

Jason has traveled a curious path to become an artist. He took his first art class in his thirties at a time when he was reinventing himself. Mayer received his Bachelor of Arts from Portland State in 2010, and continued his studies by assisting William Park, one of Portland’s most respected artists. During his mentorship, he developed his craft through exploration, and bravery to try new things--not being too precious about the outcome, and enjoying the process of creating. —

December 2018 - kathi rick and John Tylczak

This December, journey with kathi rick and John Tylczak into the great wilderness of our hearts and histories. Influenced by personal expeditions into the great northwest, rick and Tylczak invite you to view their works and visit during an opening reception on Friday, December 7th from 6-9pm. The exhibit continues through to December 29th.


kathi rick

I Dress Myself in these things now

kathi rick presents "I Dress Myself in These Things Now," which feature larger-than-life, sculptural self-portraits as well as a video exhibit of the wilderness experience.


John Tylczak

chasing ghosts

John Tylczak documents the old logging camps of the Northwest. “Chasing Ghosts” shares the history of the Northwest loggers through Tylczak’s photos and new book.

November 2018 - Clark County Open Studios Preview

An exhibit of works from 50 local artists, kicking off the 2018 Clark County Open Studios Tour and providing an opportunity for tour-goers to choose the studios they want to visit as they plan their self-guided weekend tour. The exhibit at the CAVE Gallery runs through November. Opening reception 5 p.m.–9 p.m., November 2, 2018



October 2018 - Politiks: The Art of Deception


September 2018 - Stories that Might be True

Art at the CAVE's newest exhibition features Women of the PNW telling “Stories that Might be True” throughout September

Opening September 7, 5-9pm

Please join us to appreciate the work of visual artists Michelle Allen, Wendy Armstrong, Rachel Aponte, Marthe Aponte, Erin Dengerink, Lesley Faulds, Bea Garth, Mar Goman, Cynthia Heise, Anne John, Linda Kliewer, Carson Legree, Michelle Marusek, kathi rick, Sharon Svec and Crystal Zeller. There will also be special guest appearances by Sumona, Monica, Barbara, Nala, Pamela, and Rakayia – belly dancers from across the PNW. Performances at intervals throughout the evening of September 7 between 5pm-9pm at The CAVE Art Gallery. The CAVE is located at 108 E Evergreen Blvd., Vancouver, WA 98660.


August 2018 - Sin?  

How does a civilization's concept of sin and evil influence or express itself in fine art? What is sin? What isn't? Who cares? How do we define “Sin”? The Seven Deadly Sins: pride, greed, lust, envy, gluttony, wrath and sloth are behavioral but are they amoral? Is anything intrinsically ethical, or righteous or evil in reference to some universal code? No deity, no sin? Does that mean no right or wrong; nothing moral or immoral? Is there good karma and is anything taboo?

Art at the CAVE opens its doors to “Sin?”, our freshest exhibit yet at Vancouver's newest art gallery. 108 E Evergreen Blvd., Vancouver, WA 98660. Opening exhibition starts 5pm August 3, 2018 and continues through September 1, 2018. First Friday opening events and the opportunity to meet the artists August 3 from 5pm-9pm. Regular gallery hours are 10am-4pm Tuesday-Saturday.

This is a juried show featuring artists Michele Collier, Jessica Damsky, Kayla Griffin, Cynthia Heise, Anne John, Clarice Keegan, Ryan W. Kelly, Bill Leigh, Meredith Lewis, Marc M. McVey, Alan Rose, Ruth Ross, Sally Sellers, Noah Alexander Isaac Stein, Dale Strouse and Samyak Yamauchi. The subject is SIN..



This is a photographic exhibition featuring Alessandra Genovese • Anara Gillock • Jenny Olsen

Alessandra Genovese is a mixed media artist working in analog film, digital film, and sound to collage multidimensional spaces. Anara Gillock's work focuses on her observations, in black and white, of  life in the city. Jenny Olsen is a photographer who has turned her journeys into a love affair exploring various desert landscapes.

Opening event July 6:  5-9pm and continuing through July 28, 2018

June 2018 - MIRRORS

Featuring the art of Chas Martin and Melissa Monroe. 

Artist's Talk:  Saturday June 9, 1pm

Mirrors: Seeing our reflection in the familiar unknown. Chas Martin will share insights as well as his own questions about his archetypal masks, sculptures and paintings.


May 2018 - Escape from Audubon 

Read the May 5th, 2018 Columbian article here 

April 2018: SCULPT/ Alchemy in 3D

Join Pacific Northwest Sculptors as they host the 4th annual International Sculpture Day at Art at the CAVE. SCULPT / Alchemy in 3D celebratres sculpture with multiple activities including a month long exhibition and an evening event on Saturday April 21, 2018. For more information on the events, check out our calendar. 


Hingston_Sam_Splash Series #21_preview.jpg

March 2018: Reflect/Printed Matter 

REFLECT exhibition featuring works from three Portland based artists, Abra Ancliffe, Brandi Kruse, and Yoshihiro Kitai. Each artist uses the exhibition title REFLECT to show how they express and present their work conceptually, intellectually and spiritually combined with process, and artistic mastery of the mediums used.

PRINTED MATTER is a group exhibition featuring artists selected from Pacific Northwest College of Art students. Artists are Madeleine Barbier, James Fink, Neal McCormick, and Sydney McLeod.


January 2018/ Retrospective featuring the art of Anne John


December 2017: Wear and Tear featuring Sam Cobb, Matthew Hopkins, Ugo Serrano and Chris Walas. 



November 2017 - Open Studio Artist Talks

Bea Garth

Bea Garth

Deb Spofford

Deb Spofford

Sharon Svec

Sharon Svec